About Us

General Energy Recovery Inc. (GERI)

We are a Canadian enhanced heavy-oil recovery innovator, focused on providing clients with solutions to simultaneously recover more oil and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We provide proven, commercially viable solutions to help our clients rapidly meet their environmental goals.

GERI’s portable Direct Contact Steam Generation (DCSG) technology is readily deployable to co-inject steam (or hot produced water) and flue gases for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects.



Our experienced engineering and operations teams can: 

  • Identify reservoirs suitable for DCSG application and evaluate well candidates
  • Assist with regulatory applications
  • Design and optimize thermal injection programs to maximize oil recovery
  • Engineer and manage workovers and facility modifications
  • Advise on emissions reduction solutions

We are a privately funded technology company with operations based out of Lloydminster and our head office in downtown Calgary.